Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clockwork Progress

I have not been posting much lately because I have been working on the Clockwork novel. I have made some progress after a few false starts and I hope to have the first draft done by the end of the summer. I have a few short stories out at various markets, and one space opera novella that I need to finish. I will be posting more regular updates about Clockwork. Here is what may be the opening (or near enough to it):

The country spent weeks emptying the blood from backyard pools. Pink sheep bleated in muddy fields. Sodden clothes hung from taut laundry lines. The rusty Mississippi ran red for months, and the crops for years afterward were a vibrant, aching green, and the crawfish leaping from the waters were massive and sweet. The city of New Orleans rose again, newer, so vibrant in those headstrong days, glistening metal barbicans and balconies and the steel of midnight jazz and the taste of cayenne on her lips while her husband sleeps in the warm parlour below and the green bayou dampness making the wallpaper pucker and peel and the mildew stains on the plaster mimicking the faces of saints and swollen-cheeked angels and jazz trumpeters, Louie, Kermit, and Israfel tearing down the walls we have and the walls that separate the morning from the night from the time when we were shameless, womb inviolate, crouched and protected by the imagination of birth. The midnight strip club neon lights blaze and splash off the oil-tainted puddles and smell of silver and stale Abita and bargain store perfume, patchouli, and rosewater and the spicy seduction promised by sloe-eyed immigrants with the grime of Eastern Europe embedded in their pores and the roads to Krakau and Minsk etched in the craquelure around their eyes and in the stretch marks on their bruised bellies.

What compelled me to pick up these journals and begin again I do not know. I am sitting in the backyard, magnolias aflame near Pornography's grave. I realize that much of what I have already written does little to explicate the world you live in now. I was focused too much on the world in which I was born, the world I wanted to live in, and truly gave little thought to this strange, untethered time of the Device, these long days of blood and machine. Gambling is tending his garden with care; he has trouble walking, more from age than from the android's bite. I hear Wantoness in her room, crying yet again.

New Orleans - Jazzfest

Just got back from New Orleans. We went down for Jazzfest and had a great time. Here is a link for more pics.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Pics from Belize

Here are some pics from the Belize trip.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Heading to Jazzfest!

The Beach Boys are my favorite band, so the news that they are reuniting is a big deal. That they are kicking off the tour in New Orleans, my favorite city in the U.S., is amazing. We are all set to go.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Brunch at East Coast Grill

Sara and I have discovered a brilliant new brunch place: East Coast Grill. We've been there plenty of times for dinner, but never made the morning trek for brunch. We definitely will be there more often now.

Apparently, they have "the World’s Largest Bloody Mary Bar" and it certainly looked larger than average, with a dizzying array of accoutrements, including picked veggies, Guava Lava, salsas, hot sauces, etc.

This is what we got. Note the liberal use of the simply divine Inner Beauty Hot Sauce (and this is not one of those tourist-spicy "hot" sauces; it is the real deal, made with copious amounts of scotch bonnet peppers).

Banana Rellena (Muy Caliente!)...Smoked Pork Stuffed Banana

Grilled Corn on the Cob with Cumin-Lime Mayo, Queso Fresco and Chile

Wicked Spicy Smoked Pork Rib with Guava Lava Glaze and Inner Beauty Hot Sauce...

Amilcar’s Guacamole with Fresh Corn Tortilla Chips and Tomato Salsa

It was a phenomenal brunch. I recommend you get there as soon as you can.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Three Weeks...

We will be in the rainforests of Belize in less than three weeks. Howler monkeys, Belikin beers, and Mayan ruins.